“I truly believe art has an enormous impact on mankind – it cures our souls and makes us better people; it inspires us to commit noble deeds and prevents humanity from self-destructing.”
- Alexander Ivanov


He is the creator of more than 150 abstract and photorealistic artworks. His art has been awarded by multiple international art awards more than 10 times in Russia and China.

His work has touched the lives of numerous private collectors in the US and Russia.

He has 4 years of intensive practice and study of photorealistic and abstract art.

He's participated at 9 Art shows since 2015 in different cities of the world.

Alex lives in suburbs of Moscow with his wife and daughter.

His journey in the world of art is only just beginning. He has always set large goals and has extensive plans for the future. His high standards, bright talent, ability to work hard no matter the circumstances, make a clear picture of the inevitable impact he will have on world of art in the nearest future. You always can join him on the way.